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Awards Award Name Description Price Buy
Warlock Warlock Warlock GOLD 8
Weaver Weaver Weaver GOLD 8
Windranger Windranger Windranger GOLD 8
Witch Doctor Witch Doctor Witch Doctor GOLD 8
Wraith King Wraith King Wraith King GOLD 8
Zeus Zeus Zeus GOLD 8


Awards Award Name Description Price Buy
AK47 AK47 AK47 GOLD 8
Deagle Deagle Deagle GOLD 8
Famas Famas Famas GOLD 8
Flash Flash Flash GOLD 8
Glock Glock Glock GOLD 8
HE Grenade HE Grenade HE Grenade GOLD 8
Headhunter Headhunter Headhunter GOLD 8
M4A1 M4A1 M4A1 GOLD 8

StarCraft 2

Awards Award Name Description Price Buy
Drone Drone Drone GOLD 8
Probe Probe Probe GOLD 8
Protoss Protoss Protoss GOLD 8
Protoss Protoss Protoss GOLD 8
Terran Terran Terran GOLD 8
Terran Terran Terran GOLD 8
Zerg Zerg Zerg GOLD 8
Zerg Zerg Zerg GOLD 8


Awards Award Name Description Price Buy
3ona51 3ona51 3ona51 GOLD 12
Alienware Alienware Alienware GOLD 12
Razer Razer Razer GOLD 12


Awards Award Name Description Price Buy
Близнецы (Gemini) Близнецы (Gemini) Близнецы (Gemini) GOLD 5
Весы (Libra) Весы (Libra) Весы (Libra) GOLD 5
Водолей (Aquarius) Водолей (Aquarius) Водолей (Aquarius) GOLD 5
Дева (Virgo) Дева (Virgo) Дева (Virgo) GOLD 5
Козерог (Capricorn) Козерог (Capricorn) Козерог (Capricorn) GOLD 5
Лев (Leo) Лев (Leo) Лев (Leo) GOLD 5
Овен (Aries) Овен (Aries) Овен (Aries) GOLD 5
Рыбы (Pisces) Рыбы (Pisces) Рыбы (Pisces) GOLD 5
Скорпион (Scorpio) Скорпион (Scorpio) Скорпион (Scorpio) GOLD 5
Стрелец (Sagittarius) Стрелец (Sagittarius) Стрелец (Sagittarius) GOLD 5
Телец (Taurus) Телец (Taurus) Телец (Taurus) GOLD 5


Awards Award Name Description Price Buy
Biohazard Biohazard Biohazard GOLD 25
High Voltage High Voltage High Voltage GOLD 20
Prodota Prodota Prodota GOLD 20
Radioactive Radioactive Radioactive GOLD 20
Beer Beer Beer GOLD 17
Random Random Random GOLD 10
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