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Hahaha it would be great for sure!! :D
23 July 2014, 16:06  1
Hahaha we both were right!
It was Germany anyway :D
23 July 2014, 16:01  2
# benclownsmoot
hahahah mate your nick is really soo hard to pronounce ;)

 " Comparing sensei to a kinzu is  like comparing  Goliath to Bambi lol ,  Basically  pick the sensei LOL"
Hahahah i agree with you now after seeing SENSEI and kinzu :D LOL :D :D

05 July 2014, 15:39  3
I had steam which got lost :(
Now i have steam but with no games on it ;)
05 July 2014, 15:35  4
Hahahah most of the answers will be the same.....even i agree xD

Well,I Iike to play both too...but to be true i'm more good at E-sports :D
05 July 2014, 15:32  5
I know that its quite late to ask this question but still i wanna ask...
Who will it be??
I think Germany or Brazil :)
05 July 2014, 15:29  6
Yeah its dont need any crosshair to play awp! can google it.
03 April 2014, 12:20  7
CS 1.6 is the best!!  :D
Yeah it's true that most of the people nowdays are playing cs:go these days....
03 April 2014, 12:18  8
Oh why can'y NaV'i come to mumbai :(
30 August 2013, 15:00  10
ofc kana is much better than kinzu.... :)
30 August 2013, 14:57  11
  You wanna lose weight then stop being a couch potato and start doing some workout.

Stop eating foods like Rice, Potato and junk foods .

Use brown bread for breakfast. I don't know how fat are you Stomach fat or overall fat so i cant suggest you any thing but i can suggest you to skip rope and join a gym.
If you have saggy boobs then sprint. Sprint like hell. If you don't have boobs then never mind walking.
Try to make a smart and handsome boyfriend so that you have a motivation in front you.
30 August 2013, 14:51  12
Well according to me,cs 1.6 is the best!!!
but nowdays people have syoped playing cs 1.6 and switched to cs:go
30 August 2013, 14:48  13
29 August 2013, 15:28  14
27 August 2013, 12:24  15
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