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if you don't have a compendium then search a bit on d2l (dota 2 lounge) some people trade items for compendium points

my friend traded 15 cp for a PA item that costs around 1,10$ ... but she didnt have compendium then.. but the prices have fallen a bit now.. so I don't know so check it out on d2l
24 July 2014, 00:10  1
i want to know that too, someone help us *puppyeyes*
24 July 2014, 00:06  2
owh yes but rtz pick teechies because he want promote teechies i think ..

probably, yes.. but he was the youngest among all of them.. so maybe someone else (who played dota 1 ) should've picked techies.. but that's only my thought

someone else should picked techies, yes.. but it was great to see techies again... and arteezy had kills too so it's not a bad hero
24 July 2014, 00:05  3
haha okay then.. this is my last now... i feel stupid when we're talking on posts like that... but i so want to increase my lvl... so thanks for not being mad
23 July 2014, 00:57  4
no problem, you helped me once before.. so i helped you now..

and yea.. don't be mad if i post so many comments.. (i'm trying to lvl up my forum lvl hehe)
23 July 2014, 00:21  5
oh and I post here because it showed it in the most popular.. I think you wanted to post in dota.. but check better, you posted in CS...
21 July 2014, 23:20  6
btw vg is good i wont deny that, but newbee is better (my opinion)

if you want to talk more, go on fb (if you arent watching game) i cant watch, it wont load on twitch... i got a stupid pc
21 July 2014, 23:18  7
newbee win... better teamplay, sry
21 July 2014, 23:16  8
21 July 2014, 23:14  9
ok sorry
don't report me please
04 July 2014, 20:13  10
okay, done.. thank you for help

in the rules they say to give gold to people who help you and have good post... so I want to give you gold, I don't need
I hope it help you
04 July 2014, 20:07  11
why can't delete?
03 July 2014, 22:47  12
yes. i want talk on our language.. hey give me your steam or facebook, we can talk there.. we can play dota also

okay, send me a private message for my facebook acc (or look at my profile, you'll find my steam id there so you can add me)

how to send private message?
03 July 2014, 22:42  13
can I delete my coment there?
03 July 2014, 14:09  14
03 July 2014, 14:06  15
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