Interview with SAND!

Водолей (Aquarius)League of LegendsBeer
Ukraine, Київ
For the beginning, tell us something about yourself: how old are you, where do you work/study, how long have u been playing video games?
Hey my name is Philipp, I am from Germany and 24 years old. At the moment  I am studying bioinformatics at a university. I play computer games since 1994 round about, my father bought pretty early a PC and so I was allowed to use him from time to time. The first esport online game I played was CS 1.6 in 2003.

Let’s speak about your gaming career. When did you realize that you wanted something more than common playing and what was the way from casual gamer to professional one?
That was actually nothing I really planed, or at least not when it happened. I always wanted to be a progamer in CS 1.6 back when I was a teenager, but I was never good enough. I started playing LoL just for fun but when the first German ESL Pro Series (EPS) was about to start I just gave it a try with my team and we directly qualified, since than I am pretty much taken it more serious.

Was it very hard to climb up the ladder for you? Many people talk there is ELO Hell and it is very difficult to pass through it. What is your opinion about this?
Since I had a bad start, and didn’t win that many of the first games in season 2 which give way more points, I started pretty low. I was quite some time early in the season around 1600, but in general it’s no problem to reach more or less the ELO you deserve. When I started duoing with my ad we won like 26/30 games and climbed the ladder pretty fast.

Why are you playing as a support? Did you think about changing your role, haven’t you wanted to oneshot enemies with an AP carry or gang here and there with a jungler?
I do play other champs now and then in solo q, but I don’t need to do that, I see how much influence I have when I play the support role right. The only thing that annoys me is that people don’t really recognize what the support players are doing  or even say its super easy to play support.

What do you think about the variety of support champions in League? Are you satisfied with current supports gameplay?
It is ok, there are enough options and some champs that can be used as support such as nautilus but don’t get that much attention yet. But I am always happy to get more options, there can never be enough ^^.

It have been almost three months since your team became part of Na`Vi. What is your impression of the organization?
It’s definitely a great organization, we work good together with our managers and other Na’Vi members. The support is always good and the pressure fortunately not too high. I’m really looking forward to the next month of our cooperation and the projects we plan.

As far as I know you are responsible for management in team. Is it hard to manage team of five people, to organize and motivate them?
It is for sure a lot of work, I’m very lucky that my teammates are for the most of the time really responsible that makes my job a bit easier, but in general it is not that easy to organize 5 esport players in 1 team. Esport players are really young and not seldom very unmature. On the other hand I really like to this and I think I am kinda good at it.

You participate in The Gaming Series, what do you expect from this tournament?
I expect at least to make it to the playoffs , we had a decent start with 4 points out of 2 games and we reached a draw against m5, which is definitely ok. The aim is obviously to make it to the final.

There is not much time left before the end of the second season and the final championship with 3,000,000$ prize pool. What are you doing as a team to improve your skill and teamplay?
Hm, that is kinda hard to answer, we are planning on a couple of things, but I don’t think I am allowed to announce them yet. You probably just have to keep visiting our page, I’m sure there gonna be some announcements as soon as it’s official.

What are you doing besides playing LoL, what are your hobbies, interests?
I am a huge us-tv-series and movie freak, I watch pretty much everything ;). Besides that I used to play a lot of football and beachvolleyball but I didn’t have that much time for that recently.

Do you play any video games except LoL? Diablo III is coming next week, will you play it?
It is ordered already, so yes I will definitely play it a lot, mostly at night after our teammatches I guess, maybe I gonna stream that as well ;). Besides that I don’t play that much atm. But I loved to play HoMM 3, CS 1.6, WC3, and a bit SC2 now and then.

What are your relationships with the beautiful part of humanity? Will you break the myth that gamers can’t have girlfriends?
I don’t have a girlfriend right now, so the myth will live on. It’s obviously not that easy to find a girl when you spend a lot of time at the pc, but since I have friends and a normal life besides my esport, that’s not really an issue.

Common question, but still: how do your relatives and friends respond to the fact that you are a progamer and games take a big part of your life?
They are in general really supportive and happy for me if/when I have success, on the other hand I obviously having less time for them than before.

How do you see your future in cybersport? Will you end up with competitive if you find a good job or is cybersport a real vacation for you?
I would totally love to work in this industry, but it’s really not that easy, there are not that many good opportunities. I`ll will just see what the future brings.

Thank you for replies, I was very pleased to speak with you. Would you like to give some shoutouts at the end?
Shoutout to my friends, fans and followers and to our sponsors "Kingston HyperX", "Steelseries", "Antec". And I would like to welcome all of you on my stream, I am always willing to answer questions. And u can ask me anything in IRC at #NaVi.SAND.

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15 May 2012, 14:40  #1
"Учись с Na`Vi" - улучши свой скилл и стань Легендой! (форум)

Interview with SAND!


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