Interview with CitizenWayne

Водолей (Aquarius)League of LegendsBeer
Ukraine, Київ
Story of every player is starting with some interesting occasion. What is yours?
Hey mate, my kickoff in LoL was nothing spectacular: playing since the very beginning, starting with friends etc, what many people don’t know is that I got into the competitive idea while playing premade normal games with yellowstar, kujaa etc. back in the days, we could have probably even made it to the first WCG but everybody took it really lightly back then and we were off to holidays during the qualifier >.<.We are still on good terms and both are players I respect a lot.

Does playing for Na`Vi mean a job or entertainment for you?
It’s a mixture of both of course; I find the idea of getting money for something i like to do very satisfying, and also the backup from the fans is great. I might be able to earn more money with a normal fulltime job, I might not always be entertained by playing tournaments and practice, but overall I won’t find a better combination of both than I found with Na`Vi.

Do you have any other hobbies besides playing video games? Maybe you paint or write poetry?
I am very much interested in literature and film, besides that tennis and ski would be my sports of choice. Eat & drink are also two things I’m pretty keen on.

When did you decide that it is time to become a cyber sportsman?
Becoming really good in a game is a steady process, my personal "deciding" moment was when I went 13/2/7 Annie against fnatic (the gods of LoL at that time), without having any esports experience, in my first EPS season. That was when I realized: "Hey, I knew I’m good but i might be able to be or to compete with the best"

Citizen and yellowpete at WCG in Korea with a cup of soju

Your role is AP carry. Does it characterize you in some way?

I was just drawn to the Mage/INT champs in every RPG/MOBA, it’s just a question of preference when you start playing. Getting more experienced in LoL I decided to completely focus on midlane since it seemed to have the most variety and the highest competition (mid was played more aggressive back then). Ever since I decided on it I didn’t leave my midlane (really rarely for soloq), since the competition is high and I need to keep up/ stay ahead :) .

OGN tournament is approaching. Are you preparing some interesting strategies?
Of course we are preparing, but that’s not all that easy since we don’t have access to Korean servers etc. yet. I’m confident that we are good enough to compete against everybody though :].

What are your expectations for the tournament? Did you watch Asian teams' matches?
I saw a couple, they had some interesting strategies and good teamplay but i just can’t judge how good they really are and what our exact chances will be until i have played them myself, and I am looking forward to it.

Is their style very different from European?
So far it seems like a very strict adaption of it, paired with a couple of new ideas and slightly different views on what is OP.

When I was looking at your runepages I noticed that you like 2,7 HP regen and flat AP quints. Why?
I was just playing around with new itembuilds on Veigar and tested this among many other things.

Dat Ryze page
Ryze has his own page. Why do you use mana runes? Doesn't new Ryze scale better with AP?
Sorry to disappoint you but that was just another page for testing, I don’t bother renaming them all the time :)

Who do you consider as the best AP carry in the World? Who is the most difficult to play against?
I can’t say a lot about the other servers but I believe Europe has the highest competition so it won’t be very far off.
Czaru, ext1nkt, alexich and froggen are the ones i would consider the strongest opponents.

Many people like to compare Dota2 with LoL. Why did you choose LoL and what advantages do you see in it?
I just happened to play LoL, I don’t think the explanation involves obvious advantages, its more a question of preference and timing.
LoL had a couple of big improvements compared to Dota when i started playing, also I preferred the style/design. If you become really really good in either one of those two games you can’t really switch anymore, since all the effort you put into one game will go to waste and you’ll have to start from the bottom again.
Casual Victor
How do you think the holy war between Dota 2 and LoL will end? Or will it be the never ending war?
I think Dota2 has a lot of potential and LoL will become even bigger and more important with their huge playerbase. My bet would be on "peaceful coexistence" for the time being, in esports nobody can really guess what will happen in a few years.

Have you ever wanted to change something or completely remove it from the game?
I cursed twisted fate at the very start of LoL, I always thought dodging projectiles with flash makes no sense etc. There was a lot of silly stuff back in the days... today my major complains would be about balancing magicresist runes and getting my old main Heimerdinger back to an "ok" level.

Why did you choose to become captain?
Because I am responsible, talented, intelligent, inspiring, eloquent, handsome and countless more things. :)
No honestly, I have no idea.
It’s not like the team is created and a captain is appointed. Usually the one that talks/moderates/calls the most automatically establishes himself as the captain. I personally enjoy having a bit more responsibility and pressure, also I was always pretty safe on my lane so i was happy to get a chance to improve my macro/my calls.

Are you creator or contemplator?
Kinda both, we all had pretty decent teams but decided to merge: (Araneae & Me)+(Sand & Nes & Anto)

Thanks for the interview!

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Interview with CitizenWayne


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