A successful Carry's issues (WARNING !!! A LONG POST)



Can you (The readers) drop by and drop a comment about "A successful Carry's issues" (Of course playing in Public since if this is Na'Vi, I'm sure I'm making myself stupid by asking these opinion). Do as you wish and please put your strategy.

And of course since I'm putting it on Na'Vi site so if you will to explain some Na'Vi tactics (Why they used Anti-Mage instead of Sniper or DarkTerror)

1. You're team isn't ganking so it didn't create any map control superiority which resulted in the loss of your lane's security.
2. Your farming time isn't sufficient because the enemy team is threatening your tower.
3. The essence or the philosophy of carry role.
4. What is the composition for team's that go for carry draft. (Ex : Magina)
5. Why semi-carry is favorable ?

And the most important issue.

6. Why it usually failed for new teams ?

A wall of text is highly appreciated. Thank you for dropping by. (Well I'm learning how to be a captain)

 :aaaaa: :aaaaa: :aaaaa: :aaaaa:

Some useless information. My experience at dota is only 4 years.
03 July 2012, 18:09  #1

A successful Carry's issues (WARNING !!! A LONG POST)


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