What's the BEST COMBO in DotA 2?

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Philippines, San Carlos City,
please tell me the HERO LINE-UP for the BEST COMBO  :angry: :angry: :angry:

I have here

Offlane - Rexar
Midlane - Invoker
Trilane - Dark Seer, Void, Tauren Chieftain
12 January 2015, 06:35  #1
#NaViMan #NaViFan #iamafansinceTI1 #NatusVince
I think my best COMBO WUMBO is Hero Invoker,Enigma,NagaSiren,Balanar,and Dark Seer :D , because i love ENIGMA that Black Hole  :OMG:
Hahahahaha :aaaaa:

30 January 2015, 11:42  #2
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What's the BEST COMBO in DotA 2?


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