MUST READ: Na`Vi Board Rules + FAQ

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I. General conditions

The administration has a right to penalize violators for breaking the forum’s rules. Penalties vary from warning to banning (blockage from entering the forum) users by nickname or IP-address at large.
Moderators have the right to establish additional rules in the sections they moderate (shown at the top of a page), if they do not contradict Na`Vi forum rules.
Since our currency system,

 GOLD, is still new, it can be changed in the future with possible partial loss of earned GOLD.

II. Rules of conduct

It’s not allowed to:

1. Leave messages and files containing lies, vulgar or offensive statements, calls for violence, racial hatred and any other kinds of statements including but not limited to racial or sexual harassment, insults, bad manner, abuse or stalking.
2. Using profanity/vulgarity/cursing/swearing/bad language.
3. Publish pornographic content, effing and blinding and clones of such expressions in any context, headline, message body, nickname, icon or signature. Clone is a mutilated, cut or abbreviated word or that one containing shifted letters or symbols but recognized easily. Messages containing effing and blinding will be edited or deleted by moderator.  
4. Spam.
5. Abuse or threaten other forum users.
6. Register more than 1 profile per person.
7. Abuse

 GOLD (give GOLD for posts with no useful information, spam, offtop, unfair tapping by means of fraudulent links etc).
8. Use translit or any other hardly understandable language.
9. Advertise other websites, products, services or forums.
10. Duplicate topics or post them in the wrong section.
11. Use caps in subject lines unless they signal crucial information appealing to all forum users.
12. Use any other language than English.

It’s highly recommended:

1. Not to do overquoting.
2. Not to abuse text formatting and tag color/size.
3. To obey spelling rules.
4. To follow forum topics and obey special rules established for certain sub-sections in addition to current rules.

III. Penalties

In case a user violates the Na`Vi forum rules he can be

 warned by moderator. The maximum amount of warnings is 5. When you receive your fifth warning, you will be banned by nickname or IP-address for certain period of time established by the moderator (from 1 day to 12 months). Every 24 hours the system automatically removes one

 warning from you .
You can check the amount of warnings you have in your profile.

Actions of moderators/administrations are not subject to any appeal or discussion.
All the questions concerning your warnings can be discussed with moderator/administrator by means of private messages.

Any lies, vulgar or misleading statements about the organization, consciously changing the organization’s marks (logo, t-shirts, stickers etc) or insulting it is punishable by banning for a period of time decided by the administration.  


GOLD will also be used as a penalty.

========== BOARDS FAQ ===============

Q: What am I doing here?
A: First of all you are here to enjoy the communication with people who have a great passion for e-Sports and fans of Natus Vincere all over the world. You can ask questions, interact with Na`Vi players and other users, create interesting threads and give your valuable replies!

Show I be aware of Forum rules?
Definitely, otherwise a fast and quick ban is inevitable :pirate:

Where can I read Forum rules?
It is a sticky global announcement topic in every section, you can check it here:

Q: What is ?
A: GOLD is internal currency of Na`Vi Forums. You are encouraged to give GOLD to users whose posts you see as valuable and informative: either it is just a good question, blog, guide, etc.  You will be able to convert GOLD into various bonuses such as training lessons with Na`Vi players, gaming accessoires, benefits and things like that once the official website of Natus Vincere is released.

Q: How many GOLD can I give or receive?
A: You can give no more than 2 per day (1 each 12 hours). Unused GOLD is not saved and isn't accumulated. A number of received is directly proportional to your ability to generate unique and useful content.

Q: Can I use "chipdumping" for GOLD, register several accounts to abuse GOLD, beg for it?
A: No, any kind of GOLD abuse is strictly forbidden. It is the easiest way to receive a ban from 5 days to forever IP-ban for such kind of cheating. Even if you somehow avoided the penatly, we will be checking how fair was your GOLD earned when you try to convert it into various bonuses on Natus Vincere website.

Q: When can I start to give GOLD to other users?
A: Once you get 33 rating or higher and have 5 messages or more posted, you are allowed to give GOLD to other users.

Q: What is rating?
A: Rating is a coefficient of your effectiveness and utility within the forums. Rating shows how active and useful you are and increases when you post, when you give GOLD or other people give it to you, as well as depends on your reputation.

Q: What is ?
A: Respect / Disrespect - shows how popular you are among other forum users. You can show your respect or disrespect to users by clicking or .
You can use this feature once you have 20 posts at your account.

Q: What is warning and why I have them in my profile? Why can't I make posts anymore??
A: You have received a certain level of warnings for forum fules violation. You can receive from one to give warnings. When you receive five warnings you will be banned (Read Only mode) for 24 hours. The system automatically removes one warning per day.

Q: Why someone moves or renames my threads?
A: That is because you named your threads wrong or made it in wrong forum. A typical example of a bad thread has a subject of "Why???" and content "Why do I lose solo line on Weaver to PotM?" and made in Na`Vi International -> Organization. Your topic will be moved and renamed while you will receive a warning for rules violation.
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Forum Natus Vincere

Na`Vi Forum features a whole lot of useful information concerning game divisions in which our players are competing. Users can find the answers to all questions they are interested in by reading the articles including professional guides and great tips. They can also share their own experience and knowledge, help others and discuss different interesting topics and questions.

The Natus Vincere gaming community consists of the following sub-forums:

Each sub-forum includes topics, where users actively discuss popular eSports titles, videos, details of the upcoming tournaments, web hosting providers and quality of their service, gaming devices, technical issues concerning both games and hardware and many other important questions. The General Discussions sub-forum includes a variety of topics which are not related with eSports, e.g. the topic for artists and moviemakers, where you can find some valuable secrets to creating beautiful frag movies and highlights as well as get a chance to share your own tips and discover something new.